Content Marketing

Marketing is the process that a company uses to promote the selling and buying of a product, service or brand. Marketing is very important to a business or brand. This attention can be done through television commercials, radio commercials, an ad in a newspaper or magazine, and business cards.   It’s about creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging an idea or product.  There are many types of marketing

  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Brand Marketing
  • Word Of Mouth Marketing

and many more. In this article, we gonna focus on Content Marketing.  Content Marketing zones in on a specific customer. This marketing strategy usually aims to answer the customer’s questions and convert them into a sale. When done right, Content Marketing conveys expertise and makes the potential or existing customers feel like their organically and honestly being taken care of.  This marketing is usually done digitally and is essential for SEO (search engine optimization)  Content marketing is primarily done through the following avenues.

  • E-book
  • Blog post
  • Video
  • Groups
  • Social Media
  • Podcast

When a customer enters a website they are guided through a funnel of catchy, inviting, and informational content. This content should be well researched to keep the customer engaged.  This funnel can be called a content marketing funnel. When navigating through the company’s funnel, the customer is engaged all the way to them making a purchase.  Content Marketing also creates loyalty,  Brand awareness, customer engagement, and education. Incorporating these systems into your content is what Content Marketing is.  It is also important to keep the content short and combine it with infographics or videos. There are many brands and companies advertising so getting to the point with your content is important.

For example, is a great example of a company that helps other companies or brands with their content marketing.  They help by generating a copy of a product’s tagline, blogs, or newsletter. By typing a few sentences on a subject and they send you a finished write-up which you can then edit and personalize. Creating and distributing content takes work. saves its customers time.

Another good example would be a company’s logo. A logo should tell you what the company is promoting or selling. A logo is inviting and has a call to action.  The logo should invite you to enter the company’s website and sales funnel.  This is where branding comes in. If a logo is branded then the job is done. For example  Starbucks. It is very typical of a person to say  “I am going to get Starbucks” as appose to “I am going to get some coffee” or ” I called an uber”  as appose to ” I called a cab”. Now if you just starting out a logo that communicates the product or services is ideal. For example, El Pollo Loco is a popular restaurant in Los Angeles. In English, it’s The crazy chicken. This logo tells me it’s Spanish themed restaurant that sells chicken that people are crazy about. The customer already knows what to expect just from the name and logo of the establishment. A business can also add a tagline to help define what the company does. For example, Jersey Mike’s a sub above, so I know this is a sub shop. I also know they claim to be above other sub-shops. And I am expecting to have quality ingredients. Also the name Jersey Mike’s tells me it’s from a male’s perspective and the subs are large. Typically content marketing is done with business online and in today’s world, brick and mortar companies are getting an online presence.  Many companies participate in content marketing funnels through apps, sales bar codes, and email. So these examples fall under the umbrella of Content Marketing. When developing your ideas, think about these tools to help your business grow.

Solid Content Marketing

Is an online business whose mission is to help businesses with their online needs. We offer companies and freelancers who will help you expedite your vision. We also can be hired to do the work.  Our do it yourself area is equipped with useful tools some free and paid options.  We can help with educating and coaching. Content marketing is massive and should be taken seriously.  We can also help set up tracking analytics for your website. Knowing how many visitors and the length of time they were on your page is important.  The general jest is if the content on your page is good and inviting your visitors should spend some time on your site. With the right tools, you can then invite them to become a customer. Great content will transfer these visitors into loyal customers.

How do you produce good content? For one the content should be concise and have a defined goal. There should be a time period for reaching this goal. The content should consist of a call to action, make sense from a customer point of view, and embodies an expiration date. Most importantly, the content should answer the potential customer’s questions. Nothing is more important than answering your customer’s questions and anticipating any follow-up concerns. Yes, content creation can take some time and research. Nowadays, there are companies like that aim to help by providing writing and marketing tools.

One of the things people gravitate towards are comparisons, reviews, or sharing your success or opinions.  When a writer shares their experiences of using a product, it’s more believable and organic.  Also reiterating the research of a trusted official or university has more merit.  People tend to trust proven research or studies. Including these nuggets and your organic experiences are a sure way to get your content on the right track.

I’m hoping that this information is useful to you and if you need any assistance, please check us out at we have an array of tools to assist in your project. We can also be hired to do the work for you.

Created by Keith Thomas